About the QuintaConta

More than 20 years increasing the economic and financial performance of small and medium-sized enterprises

Our mission

Enable companies with valuable financial information

QuintaAccount enables SMEs to grow sustainably and smoothly by providing value-added financial and fiscal information.

The common corporate goal of our team is to contribute to the improvement of results and the enhancement of investors' assets through the provision of management, accounting and tax services.

Our key values

We are driven by a set of guiding principles and core beliefs that help your company's employees function as a team and work towards a common business goal.

When working with us you can count on:

  • Transparency and rigour in procedures
  • Reliability
  • Deadline compliance
  • Empathy
  • Solution innovation

Our history

The Quintaconta resulted from the transformation in 2001 of the individual activities of the managing partner, João Marques, developed since 1986 with sole traders and small companies.

From early on, the resolution of internal organisation problems and the guarantee of compliance with legal, accounting and tax obligations, earned strong professional ties and friendships with clients.

Several entrepreneurs, some in second and third generation, maintain the relationship of collaboration. Quintaconta has contributed to the maintenance and growth of several institutional and family businesses that have withstood various crises, especially in the period of financial rescue with the intervention in Portugal of the so-called Troika.

Participation in the launch of companies in France and several Portuguese-speaking countries has allowed the acquisition of useful knowledge and experience to help foreign investors successfully set up in Portugal.

The performance of information systems management positions and internal audit functions, in a relevant business group in the area of civil construction, real estate and public works, allows for a broad vision of needs and the study of improvement solutions for current and new clients.

The design and implementation of IPSS management and control systems contributed to the improvement of the performance of employees and managers with clear benefits for users and their families.

The provision of accounts for over 20 years subject to legal certification and/or external review, ensures high quality procedures, leading to accurate financial information and compliance with accounting standards applicable to each type of entity.

Whenever deemed opportune and favourable to the client, Quintaconta has established partnerships with other companies to provide adequate solutions to identified needs, especially in the IT area and in financial investment projects.

The Quintaconta brings together the knowledge and experience of its human assets suitable for supporting the business of individual entities, private limited and public limited companies, as well as profit-making and non-profit-making collectives.

João Marques
Managing Partner


Key industries we work for

QuintaAccount helps the construction sector
Real Estate


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